Pemanfaatan Lahan Kawasan Hutan Dan Pengendalian Kerusakan Lingkungan Hidup Oleh Masyarakat

(Studi Pada Kawasan Hutan dan Masyarakat Lokal di Kecamatan Parado, Kabupaten Bima)

  • Ruwaidah Ruwaidah


This research is entitled "Utilization of Forest Area and Control of Environmental Damage by the Community (Study of Forest Areas and Local Communities in Parado Subdistrict, Bima Regency)”. This study aims to find out how the use of forest areas, and control of environmental damage carried out by the community, as well as how supervision by the Forestry sector in Forest Utilization and Environmental Damage Control in Parado District. This study uses a qualitative research method, the technique of data collection is done by observation, interview, and documentation techniques. The instruments in this study were 2 forestry sector staff, and 4 local people. The results of the study show that in the utilization of forest areas carried out by the community, not all parties have permits from the government but use them by illegal logging, while in controlling damage to forest areas, the community tries to reforest forest areas. In the supervision carried out by the Forestry Sector in Parado Subdistrict it was preventive by conducting routine operations, but the obstacles faced were inadequate infrastructure and facilities provided by the Regional Government of Bima Regency and the Forest Police who were still lacking. And controlling environmental damage, the Parado Forestry Sector has short-term and long-term programs by reforesting. The basic problem is about critical forest areas which are caused by human activities. On the one hand there are still many people who do not care about the environment and on the other hand government policies have not been implemented optimally. So that the problems in the use of forests must be a concern for all parties to protect and protect natural resources. This study suggests that all aspects be addressed properly in order to achieve the goals planned beforehand. And can be carried out in accordance with the time set so that the damage does not get worse.

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