Peranan Camat Dalam Mewujudkan Good Governance

(Studi di Kantor Camat Batukliang Utara Kabupaten Lombok Tengah)

  • Waridatul Jannah
Keywords: Role, District Head, Good Governance


Head position as a leader in the sub Batukliang north and at the same time as the head of the working area have an important role and ultimately determines batuklianu Good governance in the northern districts, but in truth good governance is already optimally realized in Batukliang northern districts. This study aims to determine how camat role in ensuring good governance in the sub Batukliang utaraKabupaten central Lombok.

The method used is a qualitative method. Camat role in achieving good governance aspects of the view, that plan manage, control and coordinate all activities of the organization of general duty of government and regional government authority delegated by the Regent. informants in this study as many as four people taken from officials of skretaris camat, subsections of government, public and kepegawean subsections village government representatives. the key instrument in this study is the researchers themselves, while collecting data using interview techniques. The results of data analysis aimed subdistrict governments to coordinate and supervise the activities of the government district in northern Batukliang to achieve good governance is done properly and effectively in Kecamtan Batukliang north.

Based on the results of the study concluded that the district head north batuklinag already mamapu stints with both the duty and authority to coordinate and supervise the government penyelenggraan in districts that have an important role in achieving good governance.

Departing from the conclusions of the study were submitted suggestions: camat must optimize the use of means of organizing pemerintaha coordination of all units of government; optimizing the potential and ability to provide guidance to government work units in the district work areas; and optimize the existing control facilities such as reporting systems, and monitoring and evaluation.Keywords: evaluasi kinerja, kepala desa, era otonomi daerah.

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